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You made it this far! Congrats! This application isn’t just a hoop to jump through. I want you to prayerfully consider the Connection College Leadership Team. Ask God if this is what He wants you to do. Being on the CCLT doesn’t make us or God like you more. You won’t get a larger inheritance from your parents because you signed up. You’re awesome whether you’re on the team or not. Actually, I expect many students to discover this isn’t the right time to apply… and that’s perfectly fine. It’s OK if you put this application down for a few days as you wait on God’s direction. And it’s OK if after doing so you realize now is not the time and you come back to it next year. Don’t rush it and don’t force it.

Please be as honest as you can be with your answers. It is better to discuss a hard thing than it is to lie. Please let us know if you have any questions.