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Rachel Miller’s Trip

Turkey: May 15, 2022 to June 15, 2022

I have felt God calling me to do missions work since my freshman year of college and I want to aim for the experience of what that looks like and how to do it well. God has been leading me all along to get me to this point. He led me to get my degree in early childhood education as a door to get into the closed countries, he led me to go on previous short term mission trips to East Asia, Miami, and the Dominican Republic to stir my heart; He’s been orchestrating every event to prepare and send me to the unreached areas of the world. That is my heart and passion— To see the gospel explore and transform unreached people groups in the 1040 window. His plan had always been for us to tell others about him whether we are GOING, SENDING, or SUPPORTING. I want to invite you to partner with me as I grow in my understanding of God’s heart for the nations and what it means to be his disciple. 

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