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Close The Gap: Personal Disciple Making

There is nothing like experiencing that “ah hah” moment after trying to understand a concept that you've only previously studied about. For example, a father can tell their son the ins and outs of driving a manual shift truck all day long! Things like, “Give it a little gas while you let off the clutch.” But it won't be until they actually get in the truck and feel it beginning to pull, that they're able to put the pieces together and really “get it”.

Over the years, we have noticed a gap that exists between what many followers of Jesus have learned and what they have experienced. In many ways, this leaves us lacking that “ah hah” moment in areas of our faith. A lot of our growth happens as things are “caught” rather than just taught.

We have designed this "Training Experience" to quite literally close the gap between what we have learned and what we have experienced. One of the areas we often lack experience in is Personal Disciple Making. How do we make disciples of ourselves, following Christ closely and learning from all that he said and did? How do we make disciples of others, teaching them to "obey all that [Christ] has commanded [us]" (Matt 28)? Together, we'll tackle these topics and more, and learn some practical tools to use as we grow in discipleship and sanctification! 

Light refreshments and childcare will be provided.

Morgan Nowak

1st - 5th KK Theatre

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Registration closed on Monday, April 15, 2024