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Close the Gap: God's Global Heart

From Genesis to Revelation, we see in Scripture that God is all about redeeming people to Himself. God is not just interested in one people or one nation, but all people of all nations! But what comes to mind when you hear the term, "all nations"? Do you think of some unknown country, halfway around the world? Do you think of short-term mission trips and long-term missionaries? Do you think of difficult-sounding languages? Do you know what to think? 

Join us for this Close The Gap on God's Global Heart, where we'll spend an evening together growing in our understanding of "the nations". This interactive workshop will include learning and listening, hands-on activities, and even a "Global Taste Test" featuring cuisines from many different countries! By the end of this evening, we're hoping that our hearts will begin to align more with God's, to see Him glorified "to the ends of the earth". 

February 25 | 4-7 PM | Childcare is Available 

Morgan Nowak

1st-5th KK Auditorium

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Registration closed on Monday, February 26, 2024