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Give Christmas

The gift giving part of Christmas certainly brings joy to the season. It reminds us of the greatest gift given to all of humanity in Jesus as well as gives us an opportunity to practically live out what is taught in scripture – “it is better to give than to receive”. As a church family, we want to play a role in extending the love of Jesus by meeting a few very practical needs in our community.

We would like to "Give Christmas" to children from our local schools, who otherwise might not be able to provide it on their own. Through our partnerships with local schools, we are identifying kids and families who are in need of essential items such as clothes and school supplies. Many times these kids also desire a "wish" item that we are able to make a reality. As we collect the names of those in need, we will reach out with all of the details of the needs of the child/family assigned to you.

For each child we would ask that you would commit to roughly $50-$100 in items. We also ask that this be split between at least 3 presents so they have more than one gift to open. Please do not spend over $150 per child, as we often split families up and don't want one child getting a ton of stuff and another child not getting as much. If you want to spend more, please just sponsor another child.

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Registration closed on Tuesday, December 12, 2023