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Hey Students!

We are bummed we can't meet with you in person due to the coronavirus, we want you to know we have you covered! We created this page as a way for us to still have "The Best Night of the Week!" This page is designed just like a Wednesday night so you can worship, hear a message, and study God's word together with your family and even close friends. We realize things look different, but we are excited to see how God will work in each of us during this time.

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Discussion Questions

Question 1

You heard this tonight: “In the Old Testament, God identified with the marginalized; in the New Testament, God became one of them.” How does that statement affect you? Have you ever realized that before? Who in your life needs to be reminded that Jesus was marginalized?

Question 2

Justice is a requirement for all of God’s people. What social justice issues are you most passionate about? How can you get involved and spread awareness about those issues right now?

Question 3

Remember that the first action steps are listen and learn. Who in your life can you be more intentional about listening to and learning from? Spend some time praying for those people and then commit to meeting up with them soon.

*As you close, spend time praying for one another and writing down the questions that were brought up during your discussion. Once you’ve done that, please send those questions to Justin!


Spotify Playlist

We have created a Spotify playlist of some of the music we typically sing at Connection. We encourage you to add these to your playlists and listen to some of these songs throughout your day.


Apple Music Playlist

If you are more of a Apple Music type of person, you can find the playlist by clicking the link below.

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