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What is Close the Gap?

There is nothing like experiencing things we’ve learned about to give us that “ah hah” moment. Some people might remember the first time you drove a manual shift and were told, “Give it a little gas while you let off the clutch.” But it wasn’t until you actually felt it beginning to pull as we let go of the clutch that we really “got it”. Often there is a gap that exists between what many followers of Jesus have learned and what they have experienced. In many ways, this leaves us lacking that “ah hah” moment in areas of our faith. A lot of our growth happens as things are “caught” rather than just taught.

Close the Gap sessions are “Training Experiences” designed to close the gap between what we have learned and what we have experienced. Topics range from experiencing the voice of God, understanding how to read God's word, and even experiencing fullness in Jesus.

Upcoming Sessions

More Close the Gap Sessions will take place this Fall. Check back soon!