Connection Equipping Academy

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Welcome to the Academy!

The Connection Equipping Academy (CEA) exists to equip followers of Jesus to do God’s work in the World. CEA is dedicated to being real; to being practical; to being hands-on training. A call to participate always comes with a call to prepare; we are certain God is calling you to participate in His mission, and we feel compelled to give people a way to prepare.

CEA is broken into 4 seasons that each last between 6-10 weeks. If you are looking to gain greater insight to all that God is calling you to in your life, then the Connection Equipping Academy is for you!

"CEA has helped me understand how to actually make disciples in real-life practical ways!"


How are you Equipped?

We believe there are 3 areas of equipping that appear in scripture. In order for a believer to be equipped properly, we believe each of these areas need to be present. Each season of CEA will incorporate these areas of Equipping:

Laying a Biblical Foundation    |    Mending and Restoring Broken Worldview/Experiences    |    Practical Training

What is Taught?

As a church we have identified 4 areas that every believer needs to grow in, that we refer to as "Growth Areas." CEA is divided into 4 seasons with each covering a different growth area. Seasons 1 and 2 involved a lot more "teaching" environments, while Seasons 3 and 4 are meant to be more "hands-on" ministry.

Season One: Growing in Knowing God

Season Two: Growing in Our Identity in Christ

Season Three: Growing as Part of the Body of Christ

Season Four: Growing in Participating in the Mission of God

Participating in CEA is meant to be sequential, in that, you must complete Season 1 before moving on to Season 2 and so on.

*Season's 3 and 4 may be repeated as many times as necessary


The next opportunities to jump in with Season 1 will be the Summer and Fall of 2021. If you are interesting in being a part, please visit the links below. We look forward to hearing from you!

  • Summer: May 23 - June 27 / Sundays / 9AM
  • Fall: August 29 - October / Sunday / 9AM
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