The Connection Network
We are a family of churches partnering together to plant 50 churches by 2050

Who We Are

The Connection Network is a family of autonomous churches partnering together to plant 50 churches by 2050.  We want to plant churches that are characterized by 4 priorities:


The good news of Jesus is the foundation for everything we do. From salvation to maturity (and everywhere in between), the gospel is the fuel for it all. This is why you will hear us say often "It's all about Jesus!"    

Bible Rooted

We believe God’s Word! Being Bible-rooted means that everything we do will be grounded in God's Word. We believe the Bible is sufficient for everything. The Bible will be the final authority in everything from: growing in spiritual maturity, preaching on Sundays, to how we make the smallest decisions.

Mission Driven

We believe the church exists for the mission of God. Being mission-driven means that the driving force behind what we do is God's command to make disciples of all nations. This shapes everything from the way we disciple people, to our expectation of every member to live sent, to our desire to plant churches.

Spirit Led

We believe nothing should be done apart from the Holy Spirit! Being Spirit-led means that the Holy Spirit leading will be a priority. We believe that every person that makes up God's church has the Holy Spirit and is called to be a minister of the gospel living a sent life. Therefore, we will fervently pray and follow where the Spirit leads in everything we do. 

What We Do

Our network exists to train leaders to plant, grow, & multiply gospel-centered churches. We do this through a process we call our church planting residency. This is where we bring in a potential church planter, train and develop them as a leader, teach them everything we know about planting a church, and send them out with funding and a church planting team to help them launch the new church plant.

Church Planting Residency

The church-planting residency is a great opportunity to be trained & developed to plant a healthy and well organized gospel centered church. The residency is broken into two equal parts: Church plant training & Hand-on ministry experience.

More Info

Connection Church Athens

Dustin and Rachel both are natives to the Athens area. They both grew up in Athens and then left to attend Georgia Southern University. Dustin went to play baseball and Rachel went to pursue a degree as a child life specialist. However, it was there that they both met Christ and realized it was their deepest desire to leverage their lives for the kingdom of God. Soon after they graduated, they got married and moved to Vidalia, Georgia to be on staff and help plant Connection Church Vidalia.

During their time there, the thought of returning to Athens to plant a Gospel-centered church among their friends was in the back of their minds and a burden on their hearts. But God wanted to develop and shape them for it first. Over the past few years they have served in several different ways with Connection Church. Both were a part of starting the church’s family ministries, leading small groups, and creating a healthy culture of discipleship in the church. They have been a big part of helping a church launch from a living room to see several hundred people baptized, a community transformed and grow to a few hundred people each Sunday.

Their heart for Athens is the same. To plant a church that is focused on connecting people to a growing relationship with Jesus. To see a group of people love God deeply in Athens and be sent out all over the world. Having experienced what a Gospel-centered church can do to change a community and friend-groups, their heart is to see the same happen with people in Athens!

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