Statesboro Campus Staff

Brandon Williams

Senior Pastor

Joey Fennell

Director of Operations

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Roxanne Deal

Director of Ministries

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Jon Irvan

Director of Communications

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Sydney Chapman

Executive Assistant

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Paul Hand

Central Discipleship Pastor

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Olivia Sandhagen

Central Konnection Kids Director

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Justin Abercrombie

Central Student Pastor

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Chase Buchanan

Central Worship Pastor

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David Shirley

Care Pastor

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Heather Murphree

Central Guest Services Coordinator

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Nina Townsend

Konnection Kids 1st-5th Coordinator

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Haley Glenn

Konnection Kids Admin Assistant

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Josh Waldrop

Student Worship Leader

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Ryan Callahan

Production Coordinator

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Drew Kellum

Lead Designer

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Sean Fox

Lead Web Designer

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Micah McNair

Lead Videographer

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Julie Bryce

Social Media Coordinator

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Win Lee

College Discipleship Resident

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Vidalia Campus Staff

Billy Shiver

Vidalia Campus Pastor

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Andrew Macker

Vidalia Worship Pastor

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Dustin Phillips

Vidalia Student Pastor

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Laura Toole

Vidalia Konnection Kids Coordinator

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Millen Campus Staff

Jeremy Lindsey

Millen Campus Pastor

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Samantha Gay

Millen Guest Services Coordinator

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Lindsey Doolittle

Millen Konnection Kids Coordinator

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Dallas Wilson

Millen Student Pastor

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Dublin Campus Staff

Buck Benton

Dublin Campus Pastor

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Josh Knight

Dublin Worship Pastor

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Brittany Smiley

Dublin Guest Services Coordinator

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Katie Mimbs

Dublin Konnection Kids Coordinator

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Pooler Campus Staff

Michael Page

Pooler Campus Pastor

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Thomas Bell

Pooler Worship Pastor

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Stacy Wilson

Pooler Konnection Kids Coordinator

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