Focus Conference

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Sometimes life gets so hectic and busy that we lose focus on what really matters. We want to help with that. On August 19th from 9:30 am – 2:00 pm at our Statesboro campus, we’ll be hosting the first annual Focus Conference!

This will be a chance for all of our campuses to worship and grow together. We’ll have two main sessions that include worship from all our campus Worship Pastors and a message from our Senior Pastor Brandon Williams. In addition, we will offer 2 breakout sessions to give you some practical ways to maintain focus in your life like:

Breakout Session 1

How to Share the Gospel

Led by: Jeremy Lindsey

How to Steward Your Money Well

Led by: Joey Jones

How to Lead A Family Bible Study

Led by: Eric Gato

How to Walk With Someone Through Suffering

Led by: Bo Fordham

How to Talk About Jesus in the Workplace

Led by: Chad Wiggins

How to Create a Dynamic Small Group

Led by: Buck Benton

Breakout Session 2

How to Defend Your Faith

Led by: Dallas Wilson

How to Raise Children Who Love the Lord

Led by: Joey Fennell

How to Create Margin in Your Life

Led by: Sean Fox

How to Transform Your Prayer Life

Led by: David Shirley

How to Disciple Someone One on One

Led by: Billy Shiver

Q&A with Senior Pastor Brandon Williams

Led by: Brandon Williams


We can’t wait to see you at this year’s Focus Conference!

Sign-up is now officially closed. You can still come to the event, however, we will not be able to provide food or childcare for you.